Wednesday Evening

Members of Heritage and visitors gather for an inductive Bible study and time of fellowship in which we study Scripture together. We meet at a home in Ferndale at 7.15pm. The pastor leading the study will open with a brief prayer and any announcements. We then launch into our study of the Word, answering 3 primary questions of the text:

• What does it say?

• What does it mean?

• What does it mean for me?

Our goal in the Growth Group is not simply to learn from the selected text but to learn how to study the Bible in our private devotions and apply what we read to our personal lives.

The Growth Group feels much smaller and relaxed as members freely participate in the textual discussion. Some focusing on a technical aspect of the verse, others looking more at how that verse affects some aspect of their spiritual life. When our discussion wraps up, at around 8:30pm, we close in prayer. Afterwards we spend time together enjoying some refreshments and casual conversation.